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CuttingEEG X


Become a member

Join the CuttingEEG association (or renew your 2024 membership) before October 15th. The annual fee is set to 50€.
For group subscription or fee waiver requests, contact us.


Receive instructions

On October 16th, we will send to all (and only) members the information on how to attend the event via the streaming platform along with some surprises we are cooking for you.


Attend the event

On October 28-31, connect every afternoon from 14:00 to 17:00 (CEST) via the link provided using  the exact same email address you use to become a member.

Becoming a member of CuttingEEG is mandatory


The CuttingEEG association is celebrating 10 years of events! We have been challenging the way scientific events are conceived and this year is not different. We want to pursue our efforts to bring the international community together but this time  to reflect on our purpose as scientists. We believe that this reflection is essential to provide excellence, fairness, and equity in science. And to reach that goal, we need all of you.


Keep organizing good quality events online and/or on site entails costs. All participants of CuttingEEGX have to become members or renew their 2024 membership of the CuttingEEG association before October 15th.

This membership fee is either paid by individual participants attending the event or by labs.

Attending live taping

Lectures recording in public

October 30th and 31st CuttingEEG X will be streamed from the Red Room of the Donders Institute in Nijmegen with some speakers on site. A way of reviving the CuttingGardens spirit. Fee: 100€

Poster presentation

Present your research project or an initiative questionning the practices in the fields. Applications in the registration form (no extra fee).

Tutorials in the Morning

The local team in Nijmegen take the opportunity to offer tutorials the mornings of October 30th  and 31st. Check the program for more information. Fee (inlc. lunch and lectures) : 250€

Happy Birthday

You know we like to party, our 10 year anniversary won’t deviate from the rule! Fee: 25€

Local team

  • Robert Oostenveld
  • Julia Chauvet

  • Konstantinos Tsilimparis
  • Tilman Stephani
  • Britta Westner